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Elections cost money. We have a goal of reaching $15,000.00, with the help of  Onondaga County supporters, in 15 days! Will you help us reach our goal? Every little bit helps! Click the link below to donate and THANK YOU!

If you would like to play an important role in improving Onondaga County, join Team Toby 2015! To volunteer, please contact:

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Thank you all! Now, let’s go win this race!

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Knowledge is Power

We all deserve information, especially the truth, prior to making informed decisions in any election. If we are not sure of the truth, if we don’t have all the needed information and if we are not involved in the “process” – well then, it’s just hearsay and everything is left to luck. Never count on luck – it always runs out. Never count on hearsay – that, too is a gamble.

– Team Toby 2015

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Comments on article by Michelle Breidenbach, July 8, 2014

Toby has been focusing on informing Onondaga County voters they can help provide an option for County Executive in November – awareness-raising, not fund-raising.

Many in the Democratic party passed/collected Toby’s petitions in this race, in spite of the OCDC Executive Board’s decision last month. Many non-Democratic supporters signed or offered to sign his petitions. Mr. Adam Rodriguez is one Michelle acknowledges in her article below: “Rodriguez said he leans Republican, but would sign the petition.”, and he apparently did.

Only signatures from registered-Democrat county voters are valid to qualify Toby’s name on the ballot, but the show of support in and out of the Democratic party is encouraging.

Toby has many believers and supporters across all major parties, enrolled or not, who are working to:

1. provide Onondaga County citizens a long-overdue choice for County Executive in November

2. wake up voters in the county to a respectable and fiscally responsible option to 31% pay increases for Joanie’s hires like the County Attorney and the no-voter-say in the Amphitheater

3. make Toby Shelley the NEXT Onondaga County Executive.

If you and others you know would like to be a part of improving Onondaga County in this CE race, please email, Like & Share his Facebook page (Toby Shelley for County Executive) and posts, pass the word on to your OC friends, family, & fellow OC voters, and donate through‘s Paypal link to the right or below.

Toby will bring a long overdue breath of fresh air to our county government with your help & the help of other concerned citizens, of voting age or not.

Yes, campaign reserves are low at a time contributors are waiting for the petition/Conservative primary results because of the turmoil in the Dem party & Joanie’s alternate in the Conservative party race, for a party she publicly expressed disdain for when they endorsed Toby earlier this year. She expects to run unchallenged again this year, and her “deep pockets” are available to promote her agendas.

It is important to keep in mind that, as Michelle writes in today’s article, Toby got 47% of the vote in the 2014 race. What isn’t mentioned is that he did that with *** only 25% of the money his deep-pockets opponent spent***.

A candidate who can achieve that level of accomplishment is someone who will also work hard for the citizens of Onondaga County, and draw on the best talent possible WITH focus on the needs of the people AND WITHOUT exorbitant pay raises and excessive spending.

Michelle Breidenbach on 2015-07-08

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