Overtime in the News Again

OT 03-17-14Having worked in and retired from Law Enforcement at the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, I’ve seen multiple instances where overtime was unavoidable and other times where deputies were making overtime doing an assigned task to fulfill the multitude of other necessary functions of the job.

John Obrien’s recent article referenced a Sergeant assigned with multiple tasks who worked overtime to fulfill his duties assigned by his superiors. The Sheriff’s Office is short 38 Police Division positions (according to the 2014 County Budget), which leads to an obvious shortfall of personnel to fulfill responsibilities; thereby leading to overtime.

If elected this November 4th as Sheriff, I would look at management options such as: evaluating the need for unnecessary take home cars, assessing personnel assignments, and improving schedules to save tax dollars and fund new personnel.

As Sheriff I would look forward to working with the County Legislature in a transparent way to ensure that the costs of public protection are balanced with the benefits of public safety.


Toby Shelley. Candidate for Sheriff 2014

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NY S.A.F.E. Act

“As a 29-year military veteran and retired police officer, I am thoroughly trained in the proper use of firearms. I do not agree with the SAFE ACT in its entirety, although some aspects have merit. While we shouldn’t make criminals out of honest citizens, we should try to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Finding the correct balance is an issue for legislators; a Sheriff must ensure that laws are enforced fairly and with discretion.”

Toby Shelley for Onondaga County Sheriff

Gun Safe Act

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