I want to thank you for… and ask for…

Harry Truman once said “Hard times will always reveal true friends.” If I did not know that before last week, I certainly know it now.

I want to thank you for being a true friend and standing by me when it wasn’t easy to do so. I want to thank you for believing in the content of my character and not falling for a desperate political hit-job coordinated by those who see my candidacy as a threat to the status-quo.

Having served as a soldier, a police officer and a fire fighter I’m no stranger to uphill battles. I plan to keep pressing forward and I need you by my side now more than ever.

I’m asking that you make a contribution today so that we can continue this fight together. A generous contribution of $100 or $50 today will provide us with the resources needed to obtain enough signatures to secure the Democratic Party line.

Thank you for having my back and know that as your next County Executive I will always have yours.

Donations may be made through Paypal on this website or by sending a check payable to “Friends of Toby Shelley” to

Friends of Toby Shelley
6712 Pottery Road
Warners, NY 13164

Thank you for your support!

Please note: Political campaign contributions are not tax deductible.

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Conservatives Stick By Shelley For Onondaga Executive as Dems Dump Him Over Profiling Comments

Please Note: Many Democrats do not agree with the County Democratic committee’s decision.

Conservatives Stick By Shelley For Onondaga Executive as Dems Dump Him Over Profiling Comments

By Bill Carey
Monday, June 15, 2015 at 04:32 PM EDT

The Democratic Party is facing internal turmoil in a battle over its only declared candidate for Onondaga County executive. The party’s executive committee says it’s withdrawn any support for candidate Toby Shelley after remarks on profiling. Bill Carey says it’s a battle centered on Shelley’s backing from local conservatives and the meaning of “profiling.”

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Toby Shelley says county voters deserve a choice for county executive. Approached to take on the job of being a challenger, Shelley’s first support for running for county executive came from the Conservative Party.

“We felt that he would be a good contrast to the current county executive. Obviously, we have some issues with the county executive’s fiscal policies in Onondaga County and Shelley offered a refreshing change,” said Onondaga County Conservative Party Secretary Bernie Ment.

But, when it came to his own Democratic Party, Shelley faced criticism from those questioning Conservative Party support for things like profiling by police.

“Bottom line, we believe law enforcement should be supported, rather than simply reined in,” Ment said.

Shelley said his own position is nuanced. He told a columnist at the Syracuse New Times there is a difference between racial profiling and so-called “police profiling.”

He then said, “[…] For example in Marcellus, a community that is mostly Caucasian, if you see someone who looks different, you might just stop and talk to them, ask how they’re doing,” he said.

“We could have worded that better. It was taken out of context. If you listen to the entire context, you’ll find that there’s a distinct difference between racial profiling, which I am totally opposed to and have never done, and police profiling which would protect communities,” Shelley said.

For some Democrats, though, the statement crossed a line.

“This is a national wound, that’s bleeding right now. And just to make careless remarks like that is, you know, appalling,” said Onondaga County Democratic Chairman Mark English.

The leadership support is gone, but Shelley still expects to gather enough petition signatures to be on the ballot as a candidate for both Conservative and Democratic parties.

“I feel good. I feel confident,” he said. “Our campaign continues to fight. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the right fight to make. We will get out petitions done. We have good support. We have good people helping us.”

For now, the Democratic chairman isn’t saying what might happen if Shelley does ends up on the Democratic line.

Candidates have until July 9 to file petitions with the board of elections. Just over 2,000 signatures are required to qualify for the county executive race.

“This has been brutal. Since Wednesday, it’s been a very brutal experience. For everyone. Toby too,” English said. “And we’re not prepared to make flat statements like that.”

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Important Petition Information

I’m asking for help getting petitions and am told

signatures that have already been obtained are legal documents that can not be destroyed.

I will pick up or arrange to have petitions picked up. My cell 427-6961, my address 3798 Oak Hill Rd, Marietta NY 13110.

If you wish to sign a petition, please email Toby@TobyShelley.com or contact Thomas Newton, Campaign Manager Toby Shelley for County Executive
(315) 569-2589 Mobile

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