Toby Shelley speaks to Bob Lonsberry on 570 WSYR

“He’s the Democrat candidate for Onondaga County sheriff but he’s also the Conservative party’s designated choice…

Meet Toby Shelley.”

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Read the NYS Sheriff’s Association opinion on the NY S.A.F.E. Act


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Conservative Primary – Sept 9 – Toby Shelley is the endorsed candidate

Toby Shelley runs in Conservative Primary for Sheriff

For the first time in years, the Conservative Party will have a county-wide Primary Election. Toby Shelley, the designated Conservative candidate for Onondaga County Sheriff, will “square off” with his opponent on Sept 9th, 2014.

After careful deliberation, the Conservative Party chose to endorse Mr. Shelley, a Democrat-Conservative, based on his experience, education, character, and commitment to save taxpayers money with improvements in the Sheriff’s Department.

Mr. Shelley is a 30-year veteran of the United States Air Force and NYS Air National Guard, with service in Iraq. Shelley had a career in the Sheriff’s police division, rising from Road Patrol Deputy to Supervisor, Trainer, and Detective on the Fugitive Task Force.

He has a BS in History and a Masters in Criminal Justice. In addition, he has numerous police and firefighter certifications and degrees.

Mr. Shelley has a lifelong commitment to public service from the Cub Scouts in the 70’s and a volunteer firefighter since 1982. He lives on a family farm in Otisco and runs an earth moving business.

He has clear plans to save County taxpayers money through reforms in the Sheriff’s Department. He has long stood for investigating the use of “take home cars.” Just today we learned that this money saving issue is being scrutinized by the County Legislature.

Mr. Shelley also has creative, do-able/executable ideas for saving the Air One Helicopter, putting more police on the streets, making schools safer, and improving cooperation with the County Legislature and other police agencies. In addition he supports training in mental health issues for Deputies, greater fairness in the Justice System, and developing rapport with residents of Onondaga County.

An opponent forced a primary on the Conservative line. But, as Conservative Party Chair, Chuck Mancabelli, stated:

“At our last meeting held on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 the Onondaga County Conservative Party-Executive Committee overwhelmingly agreed to urge all registered conservatives to vote in this year’s primary Tuesday, September 9, 2014 and cast their ballot for the ONLY endorsed candidate for sheriff, Mr. Toby Shelley.”

Chuck Mancabelli,

Chair, Onondaga County Conservative Party


Mr. Shelley is honored to have the Conservative Party endorsement and promises to work hard to save taxpayers’ money and improve services through creative changes at the Department.

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Or call Chuck Mancabelli, Conservative Party Chair: 315-254-4683

Or call Toby Shelley at 315-427-6961

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