Toby Shelley requests debate with Joanie Mahoney

Supporters keep asking, people who want more information keep requesting it, so here we go. We are ready! Is she?

************************For Immediate Release**************

Toby on Nedrow Cares 2015-07-20October 21, 2015

Toby Shelley for County Executive

Contact info: Toby Shelley (315) 427-6961

After watching County Executive Joanie Mahoney’s second television commercial, candidate Toby Shelley is asking for a debate with Ms. Mahoney. There are many issues regarding her ads that need to be addressed. We think that a debate is the perfect platform for Ms. Mahoney to attempt to defend her record while Toby gives his vision for the County these next four years.

The Shelley campaign is asking any media outlet and the Mahoney campaign to accept the debate offer. It’s not fair to the County residents to get their information through 30 second sound bits. It has been made clear to the Shelley campaign that many voters have questions but are offered little information on where to find answers.

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